What Are The Benefits Of A Good Hair Dryer?

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We often don’t think about the benefits of a good hair dryer, just because a cheap hair dryer does the job it doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep using them. A good hair dryer depends on your hair type, for example a ceramic hair dryer would generate both positive and negative ions to provide a more controlled heat – these types of hair dryers are great for damaged/frizzy hair.

While an ionic hair dryer produces negative ions that allows for faster drying time. This is great if you want to minimize the likelihood of frying or damaging your hair. Another thing to consider is knowing when to stop is key when using an ionic hair dryer because over-drying your hair would be a problem.

Another type of hair dryer is the tourmaline hair dryer, these hair dryers release negative ions that break down the water molecules on your hair at an accelerated rate leaving your hair less prone to breakage. Tourmaline hair dryers are great for those of you who have thin hair because this type of hair requires less drying time.

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What are the benefits of using a hair dryer?

Using a hair dryer helps you style your hair. Not only that, but a good hair dryer that is specifically for your hair type would give you the best result when styling. 

For example, a thick/coarse hair should use a hairdryer that has a higher wattage to dry hair faster. It is best to use ionic hair dryers for this type of hair. This is because thick hair is usually stronger and can withstand more heat when drying.

For curly hairs, you are more concerned with adding definitions while trying to reduce frizz. A diffuser attachment that is included in most good hair dryers is great for curly hairs because they distribute the airflow to the hair more evenly.

Thin/Fine hair is mainly concerned with volume when styling. The concentrator nozzle that is included in most hair dryers today is great for adding volume to your hair. You should also pick an ionic hairdryer if you have thin hair because you don’t want your hair to dry out and break.

Damaged hair is fragile, so you need hair dryers that have a great heat control setting. Because using a hairdryer for too long or applying too much heat to a damaged hair would worsen the problem.

Is it harmful to use cheap/bad hair dryers?

Short answer is YES. A normal cheap hotel hair dryer would dehydrate your hair. This is because they just take the water out by heating it. Another reason is that normal hair dryers don’t have a proper heat and air flow setting that you usually see on higher end models.

We recommend that you always use a hair dryer that has ionic technology on it. This is because ionic hair dryers have a lot of benefits like retaining the moisture on your hair and faster drying. This prevents a lot of damage that is common from those low-tech hair dryers due to the fact that you can use lower temperature to dry your hair – which is great for people who have damaged hair.


A lot of people doesn’t realize that cheaping out on a hair dryer can damage your hair. A good hair dryer that is right for your hair type would literally blow you away on the difference of buying a good hair dryer. A normal hair dryer that just blows hot hair without a proper heat setting would do more damage than good especially to those who have damaged hair.

A good hair dryer should have the combination of great heat/speed control, technology for specific hair type, and price. Whether we like it or not these combinations are more often seen on higher end models. But that doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive hair dryers out there. There are a lot of mid range hair dryers that are made by known brands that would be a night and day difference compared to cheap drug store models.

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