Can A Hair Dryer Cause Early White Hair?

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Many of us younger generations may notice that our hair is starting to white even in our twenties. While that is not unheard-of, usually whiting of hair begins when you’re 50-60 years old.

The main reason for this is due to the depletion of melanin, the pigment that is responsible for the color of your hair.

One of the reasons that may be the cause of your hair turning white is due to the styling tools that you use. And that includes your hair dryer. The main concern when it comes to using a hair dryer is that if used incorrectly it can damage your hair due to dry scalp. 

And if used long term might cause early white hair.

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Ways to prevent damage to hair that causes early greying when using a hair dryer



Moisturizing your hair is always a good idea whether you’re using a hair dryer or not.

This is because when using a hair dryer the main thing that you should ALWAYS be careful of is to not over-dry your hair.

Dry hair can lead to all kinds of hair problems like brittle hair, frizz, and so on.

We recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and use a leave-in conditioner before using a hair dryer.

Use a hair dryer diffuser

A hair dryer diffuser is great so that you won’t over-dry one specific area of your hair. 

This works because a diffuser “diffuse” the hot air like a shower would so that it’s not a focused stream of hot air.

Use heat protectant products

Another thing that is a great idea before using a hair dryer is to use heat protectant products so that your hair is protected from heat as much as possible.

We recommend that you look for a silicon-based heat protectant for better protection from heat.

Moisturize after hair drying

No, you’re not done moisturizing! After all that heat we still recommend that you use some kind of moisturizing products like oils or serums to further protect your hair.

Limit the use of hair dryers

Lastly, make sure that your not using your hair dryer too much. Try to air dry as much as possible, open the windows of your car on your way to work to a much healthier way to dry your hair. 

Sure, it’s not as good as drying and styling your hair at home but if you’re already prone to early greying, doing further damage to your hair is not a good idea.


A hair dryer can cause your hair to whiten early if you use it incorrectly. This is because a hair dryer dries your scalp and leads to all kinds of damage including whitening of your hair.

To prevent excess dryness when using a hair dryer you need to make sure that your hair is properly moisturized before and after using a hair dryer. We recommend using a leave-in conditioner before hair drying and oils after.

Another thing you need to use before hair drying is a heat protectant product that contains silicon. Heat protectants are a great way to protect your hair from getting too dry while using a hair dryer or other hot styling tools.

It’s also a good idea to use a diffuser so that your not drying one area of your hair too much. This way the hot air is scattered to a much larger area protecting your hair from heat damage further.

Lastly, use your hair dryer only when necessary. Try to find other ways to dry your hair like air drying or towel drying. This is especially important when you’re already prone to early greying.

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I've been a hairstylist and worked for salons for over 8 years and I want to share my passion and knowledge with a wider audience. My goal is to give everyone the best hair they could possibly have.