How To Curl Your Hair With A Blow Dryer

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when your thinking of curling your hair? 

A curling iron? A flat iron? 

Well, what about a hairdryer?

That’s right; you can curl your hair with just a hairdryer. 

Sure, It might be a little challenging at first, but I’m sure you can do it in no time with a bit of practice. 

When you are on a trip and don’t have anything besides a cheap hotel dryer, what then?

Will that stop you from getting that perfect vacation hair?

I know it won’t! 

So this is still a great thing to learn even though you might never use it? LOL 


Just kidding! 

I’m sure it will come in handy someday.

But before we get started, we want to go over some of the basics that you should always do before even touching a hairdryer.

First is to moisturize before and after using your hairdryer.

For the before part, we recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Preferably the sulfate-free brand.

As for after, you can choose whatever product you like that would suit your hair type. 

Just make sure that it has some kind of moisturizing agent in it.

Another thing that we always recommend is using a heat protectant product. 

It’s a great way to protect your hair from heat damage, so why not.

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Why would you want to curl your hair with a blow dryer? Isn’t that the job for curling irons?

You’re absolutely right that curling irons are the main thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about curling your hair.

But for those who have damaged hair or easily damaged hair — a curling iron might be too much. 

In our opinion, any heat that is applied to your hair can be damaging. But we would choose a hairdryer compared to a curling iron any time of the day when it comes to an already damaged hair.

PS: If you are going to use any type of heat styling tools, always remember to hydrate your hair as much as possible and use a silicon-based heat protectant product.

How to curl your hair with a blow dryer and round brush

A few things before we get started, first is the tools that you would need.

  1. Blow dryer
  2. Round brush
  3. Curling Mousse
  4. Heat protectant spray

Now for the instruction on how to get that blow out curls:

After showering and moisturizing your hair as much as possible, dry your hair thoroughly using a microfiber towel.

Now section your hair — section it to how may curl you want to have. Then, apply your curling mousse, only apply to the section you’re currently curling so that it won’t dry out.

Get your round brush and gently roll the ends of your hair and start blow-drying. We recommend getting a metal round brush, so as the brush gets hot, it’s curling the hair.

The size of your brush would determine the size of the curl — the smaller the brush, the smaller the curl.

If your hair is already damaged and brittle, we suggest that you go easy on the brush because it’s easy to damage your hair when applying heat to it.

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I've been a hairstylist and worked for salons for over 8 years and I want to share my passion and knowledge with a wider audience. My goal is to give everyone the best hair they could possibly have.