How To Use Your Diffuser On Wavy Hair – Bouncy Curls Guide!

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Wanna know how to get those really bouncy curls? The secret is a hair dryer diffuser! Well, you have to use it right in order to get that. We know that it’s a hassle to use but with the right instruction, we are confident that you’ll fall in love with this attachment! 

So buckle up and we’ll show you exactly how to get that bouncy curls using a hair dryer.

Before we get into business there are a couple of things that you need to do that are key to getting those bouncy curls.

First is to protect your hair from heat damage.

To avoid damaging your hair we always recommend that you protect your hair as much as possible. There are several ways you can do this, one is to use a heat protectant spray (we recommend to get those that are silicon-based).

Another thing you can do is to hydrate your hair as much as possible. That means using hydrating products like leave-in conditioners and such.

After properly protecting your hair it’s time to use the diffuser. To do that you simply have to cup your hair and leave it in there for a couple of seconds and move to the next part. 

It’s important that you don’t leave the diffuser in one section for too long because that will increase the likelihood of heat damage. Also, set your hair dryer to low to further decrease the chance of heat damage.

When you’re done apply your favorite volumizing and shinning products.

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What does a diffuser do for wavy hair?

A hair dryer diffuser is an attachment that helps those with wavy hairs from disrupting the natural curl patterns of there hair by “cupping” it while drying so that it doesn’t just hang in the air without support.

Another thing that a diffuser does to wavy hair is protection from frizz and reducing heat damage. When using a hair dryer without a diffuser it tends to over dry your hair too easily because the hair is focused on a smaller area. 

A hair dryer diffuser solves that by “diffusing” the hot air or scattering it in a wider area to a more even drying.

Is it better to air dry or diffuse curly hair?

It depends on your case. If your hair is very brittle and breaks easily we recommend that you just stick to air drying for now. You don’t want to add additional damage to your hair by using heat. 

While the chance of heat damage is low if you follow all the tips we mentioned above on how you could protect your hair, we still think it’s better to not use any heat if your hair is already dry and damaged.

For those who are having trouble controlling their curls, we definitely urge you to use your hair dryer diffuser. We promise that it would change everything!


Using a hair dryer diffuser for wavy hair is both rewarding and easy if you use it properly. It will change your hair for the better. 

The key to properly diffusing your wavy hair is the products you use. Especially the products that will protect your hair from heat damage.

We recommend using some kind of heat protectant products that has silicon and moisturizing your hair as much as possible. What’s the purpose of getting those perfect curls if you damage your hair, right?

While using the diffuser we recommend that you don’t leave the diffuser in one section for too long. This would decrease that chance of over-drying and frizzy hair.

After diffusing you can now apply your favorite volumizing product to seal those curls into place and add some additional shine.

By Rei Garnet

I've been a hairstylist and worked for salons for over 8 years and I want to share my passion and knowledge with a wider audience. My goal is to give everyone the best hair they could possibly have.