What Does A Diffuser Do To Straight Hair? It’s Not Only For Curly Hairs After All!

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The hair dryer diffuser is mainly used by those who have curly/kinky hair. This is because diffuser do not disrupt the natural curls of the hair. The main function of a hair diffuser is to “diffuse” the hot hair and make it more gentle to your hair. It’s kinda like a shower vs a normal faucet, it acts as a way to be less harsh on the hair compared to using your hair dryer normally.

You might be asking, what does a diffuser do to straight hair? While mainly used by curly hairs, it can also be used by those who have straight hair. If used correctly it adds additional volume and reduces the amount of heat damage a hair dryer can do to your hair. It can also give you those beachy waves that are perfect for summer vibes.

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What is the purpose of a hair dryer diffuser?

The hair dryer diffuser is a disk-shaped plastic attachment that has spikes in it. It’s usually included in most mid/high range priced hair dryers today. Just like the concentrator attachment, it is clipped in the nozzle on your hair dryer. While included in most hair dryers, you can also buy them separately. But make sure that to check that it’s a universal attachment.

The main function of a hair dryer diffuser is to scatter the hot air to a much wider area. This makes the hair dryer less likely to damage the hair in the process. 

Hair dryer diffusers are mostly used by those who have curly hairs. This is because diffusers doesn’t disrupt the natural curl of their hair. Another benefit of using a hair dryer diffuser is it prevents frizz if used correctly. 

Can I use it if I have straight hair?

While being advertised as the attachment for curly hairs. It can be a great tool to use for straight hair because it reduces the chance of your hair to frizz. Another advantage of using a diffuser is it reduces the chance of heat damage to your hair. This is especially important for those who have damaged/brittle hair as they tend to be more prone to heat damage. 

Another reason for why you would use a diffuser when you have a straight hair is to get that summer beachy waves. Or if you want more volume to your hair. To get this look you might need a few products that we will show you bellow.

Steps on how to properly use a diffuser on straight hair

Step 1: Wash and Brush your hair

We always recommend washing your hair before using a hair dryer. This is because you should never use your hair dryer on a dry hair and risk damaging it. While your at it you should also use a straightening shampoo and conditioner. We recommend that you buy a sulfate-free shampoo because this tends to be much gentler to your hair.

After your shower, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, this would be beneficial later on because you don’t want your hair to get caught on the spikes of the diffuser.

You should also dry your hair using a towel to about 60 percent. And if possible use a microfiber towel if you have one. Microfiber towels tend to reduce the chance of frizz from our experience.

Step 2: Apply a heat protectant product

Use a heat protectant product to minimize the chance of heat damage. We recommend that you look for a silicon-based heat protectant as they tend to be much better at protecting your hair from heat damage. This provides an extra barrier between your hair and the heat to further reduce the chance of heat damage.

Step 3: Diffuser time!

Place the diffuser on one side of your head near the roots by tilting your head. Then move the diffuser in a circular motion. After that section is dry, you can move to the next section of your hair and repeat the process of doing a circular motion. 

We recommend that you use the lowest setting possible to reduce that chance of heat damage. This might be slower but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Step 4: Mist it to style it!

Apply some products like oils and finishing serums to lock in the style and add additional shine to your hair. 

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